Text from your Computer, not your Phone!

LookNoThumbs sends text (SMS) messages quickly, easily and cheaply to mobile handsets wherever they are in the world.*

Recipients see YOUR number, so any replies can go direct to your mobile if you like.

Enter long messages easily without your thumbs!

Reach people one at a time, or all at once.

Deliver your messages now, or later.

Set up text reminders for yourself or others. Schedule greetings messages, and set them up well in advance, now - while it's on your mind.

Use LookNoThumbs for business or personal texting; it's the same low price..

It's official! LookNoThumbs is a great way to stay in touch from abroad AND avoid roaming charges!

Don't just take our word - see us on BBC Click:

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Why Online?

  • Avoid international roaming charges.
  • Enjoy significant cost savings.
  • Text home from anywhere in the world.
  • Text quickly and easily using a real keyboard.
  • Many delighted business and personal users around the world.
  • Text from any Internet-enabled computer.
  • Send texts now or schedule them for later.
  • Set up text reminders for yourself or others.
  • Replies go straight to your mobile (free worldwide!)
  • Simple email-like interface - get started in seconds.
  • No hidden costs, contracts or commitments.
  • Create your own alerts system.
  • Text-enable your site with LookNoThumbs integration.

How does LookNoThumbs Work?

  • Sign up for your FREE account.
  • Send a few FREE texts to see it in action.
  • Buy some texts using the Top Up link.
  • One flat rate: 20p/text including international delivery.
  • No other costs to use the service.
  • Your texts do not expire!
  • *USA delivery coming soon!
  • High-volume pricing available.
  • Share your texts with others using free e-vouchers!
  • Integration with your own website - ask us.
  • Data import / export services - ask us.